For 36 hours, join students and leading innovators in tackling the challenge of privacy in the digital age.

Featuring keynote speaker Dr. Ann Cavoukian.

September 6-8, 2019 at OneEleven

Youth play an essential role in defining our digital future. That’s why we created Citizen Hacks, a student-run hackathon that encourages the next generation of innovators and users to actively participate in building a digital world that works for everyone.
Citizen Hacks is a platform for university and high school students to collaborate with educators, businesses, nonprofits, and governmental organizations in exploring the challenges and potential of creating technology that benefits society.
What is the topic of Citizen Hacks?
At Citizen Hacks 2019, we’re asking you this question: “How can we build a digital future that protects everyone’s privacy?” Working alongside teammates, you’ll create solutions that respond to this challenge. Whether this means designing technology that cares about privacy, creating laws or policies that protect personal data, or finding ways to promote privacy through education, the path you take is up to you!
Who can participate?
If you’re a student in high school or university, we’d love to have you!
What activities will there be at Citizen Hacks?
In addition to hacking, there will be workshops and panels with leaders in the field of privacy, opportunities to meet with sponsors, and other fun activities throughout the weekend. Citizen Hacks is much more than a hackathon—it’s a place for you to learn from and connect with industry leaders, innovators, and other like-minded people, all while exploring the potential of creating technology that benefits society.
What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is an event where participants use their knowledge and skills to create, develop, design, and pitch a solution to a particular problem over 36 hours. They’re open not just to programmers and engineers, but to anyone who’s interested in working together to find answers to the world’s most pressing problems.
How can I sponsor?
You can find more information about sponsoring Citizen Hacks in our sponsorship package, or email us at
What if I’ve never been to a hackathon before?
No matter what your skills are, we can use your help in responding to the central challenge of Citizen Hacks: “How can we build a digital future that protects everyone’s privacy?” We believe that solutions are better when they integrate diverse ways of thinking. There will be many opportunities to learn new skills or ideas at workshops and from the people around you. We’ll also be holding team building events where you can meet new people. Just come eager to learn and share your own knowledge!
Are there any fees to attend Citizen Hacks?
There are no fees to attend Citizen Hacks.
What should I bring?
Bring a laptop, chargers, comfortable clothing, and your desire to learn and innovate! If you’d like, you can also bring a pillow and blanket to get comfy. Everything else will be provided for you.
Can I start working on my hack before?
You can’t start creating anything before the hackathon begins, however, you can form a team and discuss what you’ll do over the 36 hours.
Other Questions
If you have other questions that we haven’t answered here, you can send an email to